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The website's operator specifically, TOOGANN.US ("TOOGANN" or "we", "us" or "our") has put together this privacy statement to show its commitment to protecting your privacy. We encourage you to review the privacy policy fully to ensure that you are aware of the various practices and procedures we apply to your privacy online.


This privacy statement will explain the kind of information we collect regarding you while using this website or any other website TOOGANN may provide (collectively called the "Website") and how the information is gathered and what it will be used for and who the information will be disclosed. This privacy statement will provide you with the means to restrict the use of your personal data.


The Website is the responsibility of TOOGANN. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the Website, or your use of the Website, you can contact us by e-mail at info@TOOGANN.com or by U.S. Mail at 555 Metro Pl N, Suite 500, Dublin, Ohio 43017, United States or Call: +1 614-973-9266


Privacy and security of your data are essential to us. We offer you the choice of opting in to receive emails when you decide to sign up with us. We require you to provide us with your name and email address. Additionally, the Website collects information about your contact details in connection with other users you manage through the Website. We are careful to safeguard the information you send online to us through the Website. We store this data in a secure database.

Furthermore, certain information regarding your server's address, web browser, and computer is automatically sent to our web servers in order we can manage and improve the website: We, for example, track the number of users who visit every page as well as the sequence in which pages are viewed, as well as other information that helps us determine what features are most well-liked and to refine our marketing and design efforts. We gather and store this data in such a general (collected) system.

For the purposes of the service we provide on the Website We retain the right to gather information automatically and to track:

  • Your home servers, IP addresses, domain names, email addresses, the type of computer and the type of browser you're using to browse the website, and

  • Other information you provide through the Website


  • We utilize the email addresses you provide to notify you of updates regarding or related to our new services as well as e-mail support inquiries or regarding a significant modification in the Privacy Policy that is part of our Terms and Conditions or in order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, or legal procedures that are facilitated by TOOGANN.

Aggregated Uses of Information:

  • We make use of IP addresses to detect issues with our servers, maintain the Website, as well as to authenticate user accounts, and collect broad demographic data

  • We utilize demographic and profile information only to provide personalizing content and for statistical data and we do not share these data with other businesses, except for ways that don't personally identify our customers. We use this data to customize the user's experience on the website and show you content we think you might find interesting and display the content based on your preferences.

In all cases, customers can opt out of receiving any future mailers. See the "Opting out" section below "Opting Out" section below for further details. TOOGANN does not share your email address with any other person other than TOOGANN may share details about its users when required by law or when it is in a reasonable belief that such disclosure is necessary to satisfy court orders, subpoenas, or other legal procedures. We may also provide information regarding our users to law enforcement personnel or to others with the conviction that such disclosure is reasonable to enforce the conditions of use or respond to complaints that a content or posting is in violation of the rights and freedoms of third parties or to safeguard the rights. security or property TOOGANN or its users or the general public.


The Website could offer chat rooms messages boards, forums, chat rooms, or news groups accessible to users. Remember that any information published in these areas becomes public information, and you must be careful when deciding to divulge your data.


The security of any personal information associated with our customers is of prime importance to us. Although absolute security isn't possible in any transaction whether online or in a store The Website is protected by security measures in place to guard against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the data that we control. We continuously review our security procedures to ensure that they are current with the most secure levels of encryption and customer service.


"Cookie" or "cookie" refers to a tiny file that is transmitted from a server directly to your web browser. It is saved on the hard drive of your computer when you go to a particular website. Cookies assist in web browsing by saving the preferences of the user as well as other data. Cookies are an industry standard, and therefore many of the major websites make use of cookies.

The majority of Web browsers are set up to process and accept cookies. It is possible to configure your browser to deny cookies.

TOOGANN utilizes cookies to track your login status. We reserve the right to utilize cookies to tailor content based on the pages you've visited. If you have questions about our use of cookies we invite you to contact us via info@TOOGANN.com.


The Website gives the user the option of opting off of receiving messages by us up to the time when we ask for information about the user. If you request it we will remove all your data from our records. You can send your request by e-mail to info@TOOGANN.com, or by writing to us at 555 Metro Pl N, Suite 500, Dublin, Ohio 43017, United States, or Call: +1 614-973-9266 to unsubscribe from any or all email lists.


You may ask us via email, U.S. Mail, or phone to give you the information that we hold regarding you. When you receive this information, you are able to ask us to modify or erase any personal information we have about you. We are entitled to confirm your identity prior to sending you the information.


The Website may include links to other websites. RACR is not accountable for the practices of privacy or the contents of the other sites. Sometimes, you will receive cookies from vendors, partners, and advertisers. We are not in control of these cookies.


Residents of California through Section 1798.83 in the California Civil Code are able to make a request, at least once per calendar year, from businesses operating in California the list of the third parties to which the company disclosed personally identifiable information, as defined by California law in the previous year, for direct marketing by third parties for purposes. In your request, you must confirm that you are a California resident and provide us with a current California address to us for a response.

If you're a California resident and are less than 18 and a registered user on this website Section 22581 of the California Business and Professions Code allows you to ask for and get the removal of the content that you've published publicly. Be aware that your request cannot guarantee that the entire content is removed. Also, note that in certain circumstances the law may not require or permit removal even when requested.



There are certain rights you may enjoy under the GDPR of the European Union 2016/679. The GDPR is an intricate regulatory system and we don't intend to go into detail. If you are interested, go through the GDPR and any pertinent guidance issued by the relevant authorities to get a more detailed explanation.

The GDPR gives you the right, in the event, that it is appropriate in certain circumstances to (a) the right to access data, (b) publication, (c) deletion, (d) restrict processing, (e) oppose the processing of data, (f) the right to transfer data (g) make a complaint to an authority that supervises, and (h) remove consent.

If relevant, the GDPR grants the right to verify that TOOGANN is processing the information you provide as Personal Data (as defined in the GDPR) and, if so, TOOGANN is able to access the data along with additional information, such as the reason of the processing and the types that comprise the Personal Data concerned, and the individuals who have received your Personal Data. If applicable, and provided that we don't infringe the rights and freedoms of others We will provide you with copies of your Personal Data. The first copy of your data is completely free. We can charge a reasonable cost for further copies.

If applicable, the GDPR gives you the right to correct any incorrect Personal Data concerning you and consider the purpose of the processing to complete any insufficient information about you.

In certain circumstances, the GDPR gives you the right to delete all of your Personal Data without undue delay in the event that we no longer require your Personal Data for the purposes that we collected or used the Personal Data, if you decide to withdraw your consent for consent-based processing, or if you are opposed to the processing of Personal Data under specific rules of the GDPR when the processing is done for the purpose of marketing direct or if it is determined that Personal Data has been unlawfully processed. However, the GDPR also provides exemptions or exceptions for your right to delete, such as those instances where processing is necessary to exercise the right of free expression and information, to fulfill the law, or to create, exercise, or defend the rights of a person under the law.

In certain situations the GDPR grants you the right to limit the use of Personal Data, such as to challenge the validity or accuracy of Personal Data, where the processing is not lawful but you object to the erasure of your data when we no longer require Personal Data for the purpose of processing, however, you need Personal Data to establish, assert or defend a lawful claim, and have opposed the processing, pending the verification of the objection. When processing is limited in this manner We may still keep your personal data. However, we will only process your information in other circumstances only with your consent in order in order to prove, enforce or protect a legitimate claim or safeguard any other natural or legal person's rights, or protect the interests of significant public interest.

If applicable, the GDPR gives you the right to oppose the handling of your Personal Data on grounds relating to your specific situation and only in the case the processing is required to fulfill a duty within the interests of the public, or to exercise any power vested in TOOGANN or to pursue an interest that is legitimately that is pursued by TOOGANN or another. If you do object to processing, we will stop processing your Personal Data unless we can establish compelling legitimate grounds to process the data that outweigh your desires, rights, and freedoms, or if the sole purpose that the information is being processed is to establish, exercise or defend against a legal claim.

You are able to oppose our treatment of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, including the use of profiling to aid in direct marketing. If you contact us with the objection, we will cease using any of your Personal Data for that purpose. You can oppose our processing of Your Personal Data for scientific or statistics or research reasons on the basis of your specific situation unless the processing is required for an activity that was revealed to be in the public's best interest.

The legal basis for the processing of the information in your Personal Data is consent or that the processing is required in order to fulfill a contract that you're a participant or to perform actions upon your request prior to concluding a contract and the processing is done by automated means. In this scenario, you are entitled to the right to obtain the Personal Data from us in an organized, commonly used, machine-readable format. However, this right doesn't have any effect if the use of your Personal Data can adversely affect the rights and freedoms of other individuals.

If you think that the use of the information you provide us with Personal Data infringes any data-protection law or rule You may file an inquiry with the relevant authorities in charge of data protection. If appropriate, you can make the complaint within your European Union member state of the place of your primary residence, workplace, or the site where the alleged violation occurred.

If we process the information we collect from your Personal Data with your consent You may revoke your consent at any time. However, the withdrawal of your consent is not going to affect the lawfulness of any processing we conducted prior to your withdrawal.

If applicable, you may exercise any of your rights in relation to your Personal Data by emailing TOOGANN at info@TOOGANN.com.


We do not provide any of the features on this website to children younger than the age of 13 years old. Children under 13 are not allowed to join TOOGANN, sign up for TOOGANN, or download, install or utilize any of the features available on the Website.

While TOOGANN is not currently directing websites it manages for children who are not yet 13 years old. Any future version of this website that is designed to interact with children that are under 13 must always have parental consent before collecting any personal information. The Website will allow parents to access the data we have collected on their child, as well as the option to opt-out of any future collection and request that we delete any information we collect. Without consent from the parent, TOOGANN will use the child's online information to directly respond to the child's request. We do not make use of it for any other reasons without the prior consent of the parent.

TOOGANN strongly urges parents to monitor their children's online activities. They are also advised to look into the use of parental control tools from software and online services to ensure a child-friendly online environment. These tools can also stop children from sharing online their names, addresses, or other personal information without parental consent. The products and services offered for sale are intended to be purchased by adults. When you purchase something on the website, you confirm the minimum age of 13 old. age.

The TOOGANN Website and this one are...

  • Do NOT gather personally identifiable information online from children younger than 13 years old without the prior consent of their parents.

  • DO NOT divulge to any third party any personal information pertaining to children younger than 13 without the prior consent of their parents.

  • DO NOT grant permission to publish publicly or share personally identifiable information regarding children younger than 13 without the prior consent of their parents.

  • DO NOT entice children younger than 13 years of age by the lure of a certain prize, game, or activity, to provide more details than they need to be able to participate in the game.


We are free to alter this policy at any time. We suggest that you read this privacy statement regularly to ensure that you are comfortable with the most recent version.


When you visit or use this website, you consent to the terms and conditions as well as any updates posted in this Privacy Policy. By using or visiting this website, you agree to be a part of the process and to use this data by the TOOGANN. If you don't agree with this statement, DO NOT access the Website.