Product Engineering & Design

Product Engineering & Design

Product Engineering is a dynamic field constantly changing to keep pace with the developments in technology, goods, turnaround times, customisation, and environmentally responsible manufacturing. Product requirements and functionality, as well as existing methods of doing things, are the focus of this approach.

Product Engineering combines a technical engineering focus, including mechanical, electronics, and mathematical engineering calculations of a product's design. It is a combination of design concepts, user experience, and technology.

Achieving global market success necessitates a product that appeals to customers, is functional and resonates with the brand image. This must be delivered at a competitive price using a combination of manufacturing processes, CAD, rapid prototyping technology, and digital prototyping software.

How do we make a difference?

TOOGANN is not just another multinational provider of automtive services & solutions. Our firm belief is that combining human ingenuity, technology & artificial intelligence is essential to developing cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Various modes in Which We Can Help

Simulation-Driven Design

Simulation is at the heart of our innovation, and we deploy our optimisation tools from the beginning of the design process, enabling you to influence design direction from the start. With this strategy, you can quickly achieve your performance goals while maintaining an ideal weight/cost ratio.

Futuristic Simulation 

We have a passion for technology and can help you accurately forecast how your product will function in the real world early in the development process. As a result of our long history and extensive experience, we have a consulting team that is knowledgeable in nearly every simulation subject.

Improving Efficiency

We'll help you find the best balance between how much your products weigh, how well they work, and how much they cost. This includes everything from software technologies and concept architecture studies to design for additive manufacturing and multidisciplinary optimisation projects. After employing our efficient team & technology, we can help you create a lightweight product with features loved by users and long life.

Time Management

Our goal is to free up time for you to innovate while reducing time to market. We collaborate with your technical teams to discover inefficiencies in the processes and recommend customized solutions that address these issues without interrupting existing procedures.

Expert Assistance

Whether it is about design conceptualisation or enhancing user experience, our team knows how to do it all most efficiently. Our years of R&D and incessant on-field work have made us a team of experts who know the inside out of this field. Furthermore, we're always updated with the latest trends & technology, saving your time to explore that arena and always serving you the best!

Latest Technical Support

Our association will help and support you with the latest technologies. Our expertise will prove valuable to you by assisting you in resolving technical issues with the accounts of customers or the organization's software infrastructure.

Our Core Values

Our employees have passion, talent, and experiences fueling the technological growth of TOOGANN. We're committed to helping our customers flourish.

TOOGANN is driven by curiosity and a strong desire to reach beyond the horizon for new insights, ideas, and possibilities for our clients and ourselves. This passion motivates us to always push the boundaries of what is possible.

We have a vision for the future, and we communicate that vision openly and honestly while pursuing "firsts" in business and technology, embracing diversity, and taking calculated risks.

Ready to move forward? You are at the right place. Whether you need a hand with technology or a team, TOOGANN.US is exactly the platform you need!

Workforce Management

We offer North American and Asia Pacific workforce management services. We assist our clients with acquisition, retention and management of engineering, technical and professional talent. We focus on delivering the best manpower in the fastest way possible. Kyyba offers its clients a variety of services to help increase resources, create project teams, manage the recruitment process, payroll services, and provide human capital management support.

We pay attention to the needs of both candidate and client by utilizing a targeted recruiting approach that takes the same careful considerations favored by premier executive search firms. These efforts allow us to reach the area’s best mid-to-executive level technology professionals for contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire positions.

Kyyba provides customized workforce management solutions delivering qualified employees in various disciplines allowing you to adjust your staffing needs to meet your business demands. We have been providing highly skilled technical professionals in all IT, Engineering, Professional an d Light Industrial disciplines on a global basis. Our goal is to deliver qualified candidates in a timely manner meeting your specific hiring needs so you can focus on your core business and adjust your workforce as you respond to the business demands and critical market needs of your business.